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JF Qifengxia Four Seasons Dry Ski Resort (尖锋栖凤峡四季旱雪场)

Project Name: JF Qifengxia Four Seasons Dry Ski Resort

Address: Xiaosi Mountain, Zhaohua District, Guangyuan, Sichuan, China.

Finish Date: January 2021

Total Ski Area: 6169㎡ (3 slopes)


In Guangyuam, a snowless city in Southern China, this dry ski resort has made snowsports possible. There are 3 slopes: a riding slope for complete beginners, a primary slope, and an advanced slope. The advanced slope equipped with a freestyle ski slope and a U-shape ski slope qualified for hosting international skiing events.

In this resort, it could accommodate 300 people for skiing and snowboarding at the same time. The different slopes could satisfy various needs of the public. As the biggest ski resort in northern Sichuan Province, it's aiming to promote the development of snow sports in this area, train professional athletes, and facilitate local tourism.


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