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Snow Sensei Park in Taiwan (SPK滑雪公园-Snow Sensei Park)

Project Name: Snow Sensei Park in Taiwan

Address: No. 77, Xingfu E Rd, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 242.

Finish Date: December 2021

Total Ski Area: 220㎡ (2 slopes)


In this indoor ski center, there are two dry ski slopes and ski simulators. The dry ski slopes are all designed and paved by our client himself, and they finished the installation in December 2021. On March 9th, this ski center officially opened and everything looked so well. Sometimes, they will turn the dry ski slope into an airbag slope by applying a kicker on the slope and an airbag in the end. This is very creative. The slopes are also being used for jib skiing sometimes by putting some park facilities on them.

We are so glad that many skiers commented on the slopes as a perfect spot for practicing and learning skills. We wish more skiers will benefit from our dry ski slopes.


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