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  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat


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A dry slope that provides at least four turns technically, the training dedicated ski jumping platform [BIG AIR] located in the "Xindu JF dryski four-season slopes" in Chengdu, Sichuan, was successfully tested on June 3, 2020. In the design, Mr. Jian Feng referred to the use parameters of the dry ski mat BIG AIR built by foreign customers using JF dryski products (including Japanese quest, American Salt Lake City, Austria, Belgium, and Canada),Summarized the problems and suggestions for improvement in customer use,And in terms of safety and equipment configuration, they have exerted more imagination,And landed on the JF dry ski BIG AIR one by one:

1. First, the floor air bag does not use the traditional air bag。Instead, it is pavemented by about 300 independent air pipes along the landing slope.We call it the "straw bag",

2. The floor buffer air bag adopts the straw-type air bag invented by jfdryski.The pressure on the surface of the landing site will not affect the overall plane tilt,Avoid the problem of instantaneous water accumulation in the buffer zone.Water can be drained through the small holes on the surface of the air bag membrane, which solves the problem of traditional air bag drainage.
3. Slope is divided into zones and uses different models of dry ski mats, including three new products of JF dryski's latest style 1818h67, 1818h6, and 1518h7. They are installed in the departure, inrun, adjustment, kicker areas,To adapt to and meet the special technical requirements of each section of sliding:

a、The departure area is 1218h67, in order to meet the needs of starting on the horizontal board under steep slopes,Laying dry ski mats with the best anti-slip grip.


b、Inrun district is 1818h6,This section is the area with the highest speed-up requirements, and it is also the area where the earth’s gravity falls naturally.The surface of dry ski mat is relatively hard and smooth, which can meet the needs of snowboard acceleration;

c、The adjustment zone is 1818h7. This zone is for skis to adjust to the most suitable route to enter the kicker without slowing down. Dry ski mats are required to meet the characteristics of good grip and non-slip skiing.
d、The kicker is 1218h67, and the dry ski mat needs to have a certain strength and resilience. The reaction force after instantaneous pressure can improve the ejection force of the athlete before the kicker.

4. The angle of kicker can be adjusted within 10% (32-36 degrees),If an intermediate training team uses BIG AIR, in order to avoid falling into the air cushion platform area, the elevation angle can be adjusted to meet the training needs.
5. The non-rigid support of the foundation of The BIG AIR landing slope,The design does not use a steel frame, but a steel cable, which theoretically avoids the reaction of rigid impact, and of course also reduces the cost.

6. The emergency correction area during taxiing. The slope width is 8m from the starting area to the take-off area. The skiing route is defined by marking and color blocks on the snow surface. The gray area is the correction and tolerance area for athletes when they make mistakes. If you deviate from the taxiing area due to a mistake, you can return to the taxiing area to give the athlete a chance to revive.JF dryski BIG AIR is more humane and more secure. After all, this BIG AIR is not used to compete once a year, but to train incubating athletes. An athlete may train thousands of times on it. This design takes into account the safety of training on the basis of ensuring the qualification rate of athletes’ training.

7. Coach welfare:There are coach observation points on both sides of The kicker, which can observe the athlete's sliding and jumping movements during the start and ejection;In addition, there is a referee tower on the middle side of BIG AIR, which is used as a stage test for athletes' technical scoring and temporary competition.There is a coach observation room on the high starting platform, which is equipped with two computers (for two training teams at the same time), and you can watch four monitor screens at the same time to analyze athletes' movements.

8. There are two ways for athletes to return to the starting point, stairs and special large-angle magic carpet.

9. The air bag of BIG AIR adopts a 24-hour non-disruptive design, no need to prepare in advance, which is convenient for users to use

10. The BIG AIR is open to professional skiing teams, clubs, and private from all over the world. Reservation method: Email:

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