About JF Dryski

The JF Dry ski is a Chinese dry ski mat brand founded by Mr. Jian Feng. Mr. Jian Feng started to develop a new generation of dry ski mat in 2007. Its appearance is similar to that of enoki mushroom. After nearly ten years of use and improvement, the fourth generation of enoki mushroom dry ski has matured in terms of simulating skiing, service life and use effects, making it It has become a dry ski material of another form other than combs and brush dry skis, which is called Chinese needle mushroom dry ski in the industry.

Mr. Jian Feng found that skiing has different characteristics from ice skating and water skiing. The "Snow" for skiing has more than three layers of structure, that is, a solid base layer and an adhesive layer in the middle, plus a soft surface of fresh snow. The three-in-one structure provides the physical conditions for Snowboard and Skis to ski, cut, and stop quickly. The needle mushroom dry ski also provides the same structure for sliding, becoming a unique layered dry ski mat , which makes the needle mushroom dry ski the most snow-like feature. In addition, the enoki mushroom dry ski invented by Mr. Jian Feng has made bold attempts and explorations in terms of sound, cushioning, weather resistance and installation structure. The result has also been satisfied and recognized by many dry ski customers. The rise of dry ski in China's needle mushroom dry ski has ushered in an important new member of the dry ski family in the world, bringing the breath of spring to the revival of dry ski in the world. Let us work together to change the limitation that skiing can only be carried out in winter, so that people who love skiing are no longer restricted by time and space and enjoy skiing!

2007-2023 JFdryski Enoki mushroom dry ski mat business promotion timeline

As a historical review, we arrange the different JFdryski events in chronological order and divide them into a part of China and a non-China part. Due to the long time interval, various factors, and the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, we cannot guarantee that all occurrences are good results. According to our statistics, most of the projects are still valid. After four generations of product upgrades, JFdryski's recognition among users continues to increase. If you are interested in this, you can click on the relevant link. SeeMore details.

The Special administrative region & Outside of China

NO. Time Event & Client Description Nation
01 2013/9/19   JFdryski appeared at the Taiwan International Ski Expo Taiwan
02 2015/4/24   The Dry slopes Obuse Quest, Japan Japan SeeMore
03 2015/7/16   The Dry slopes Saitama Quest, Japan Japan SeeMore
04 2015/8/18   The Dry slopes Aichi Quest, Japan Japan SeeMore
05 2016/6/30   American Ski Association,Park City, Salt Lake City, USA USA SeeMore
06 2016/8/5   The Dry slopes Tohoku Quest, Japan Japan SeeMore
07 2016/8/15   The WyEast Mountain Academy in Portland (Oregon) USA SeeMore
08 2017/4/11   The Banger Ski Park, Austria Austria SeeMore
09 2017/6/15   The Dry slopes Hiroshima Quest, Japan Japan SeeMore
10 2018/5/28   Rue du trianon sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada Canada SeeMore
11 2018/6/4   The Axtion Indoor Adventure Park (Snow tubing) in Newfoundland, Canada Canada SeeMore
12 2018/9/30   The Landing Zone, Australia Australia SeeMore
13 2019/4/5   The Sport center Kattevenia, Belgium Belgium SeeMore
14 2019/5/7   The Winsport, Calgary, Canada Canada SeeMore
15 2019/11/15   The Park Gorskiy-Novosibirsk, Russia Russia SeeMore
16 2020/3/12   The Allpro Freestyle Snowboard and Ski Park ,Moscow,Russia Russia SeeMore
17 2020/4/29   The Snow Sports NZ Dry Slope,New Zealand New Zealand SeeMore
18 2020/8/27   The KLAPPEN SKI RESORT, Sweden Sweden SeeMore
19 2021/4/1   The Australia-National Snow Sports Training Center,Jindabyne, Australia Australia SeeMore
20 2021/5/24   The Jisan Resort Air Park, Icheon, South Korea) South Korea SeeMore
21 2021/6/15   Krasnoyarsk, Russia Russia SeeMore
22 2021/7/2   JSC Gornolizhniy Engineering, Russia Russia SeeMore
23 2021/8/13   The Dry Slopes Saitama Quest, Japan(additional purchase) Japan SeeMore
24 2021/10/12   The Banger Ski Park, Austria(additional purchase) Austria SeeMore
25 2021/10/19   The Rexue Kuke Ski Club,Taiwan Taiwan SeeMore
26 2021/10/20   The National Snow Sports Training Center,Jindabyne, Australia(additional purchase) Australia SeeMore
27 2022/2/15   The Allpro Freestyle Snowboard and Ski Park in Russia(additional purchase) Russia SeeMore
28 2022/4/29   The Banger Ski Park, Austria(additional purchase) Austria SeeMore
29 2022/5/23   The Allpro freestyle snowboard and ski park(additional purchase) Russia SeeMore
30 2022/5/23   Sun Ah Heavy Equipment Ltd.,Hongkong Hongkong SeeMore
31 2022/6/7   The Silverstar freestyle, Canada Canada SeeMore
32 2022/10/28   The Dry Slopes Aichi Quest, Japan(additional purchase) Japan SeeMore
33 2022/11/29   Taitten Cowan,CA, USA USA SeeMore
34 2022/11/29   The leysin(BIG AIR), Switzerland 【short video 1】【short video 2 Switzerland SeeMore
35 2023/2/15   Trafford City Snow Center Ltd, U.K. U.K. SeeMore
36 2022/3/7   The National Olympic Training Center, Chile Chile SeeMore

The mainland of China

NO. Time Event & Client Description Area
01 2007/5/29   The precious lens tested in the JF factory of the first generation Enoki mushroom dry ski mat Chengdu SeeMore
02 2010/10/1  The first generation Enoki mushroom dry ski mat was installed for the first time in Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort (Snow tubing) Chengdu SeeMore
03 2012/2/10  The second-generation JFdryski met with the public at the Chengdu Jinsha Ruins Sun Festival (Snow tubing) Chengdu SeeMore
04 2012/6/1  The third-generation JFdryski installed in Chengdu American Four Seasons Ski Resort officially opened Chengdu SeeMore
05 2012/7/12  The third generation JFdryski participated in the Olympic Children's Experience Center (Bird's Nest) Beijing SeeMore
06 2012/10/5  The second-generation JFdryski was installed in the Huayingshan Four Seasons Ski Resort (Snow tubing) in Guang'an Guangan SeeMore
07 2012/10/15  JFdryski was installed for the first time in the U-slot professional training base of Harerbin Ujimi Ski Resort Harerbin SeeMore
08 2012/12/22  JFdryski was installed in Luodai Blog Ancient Town Chengdu SeeMore
09 2013/5/11  JFdryski was installed at a campus promotion meeting of Burton China Beijing SeeMore
10 2013/6/2  The first Chinese dry skiing competition was held in Chengdu Chengdu SeeMore
11 2013/8/28  JFdryski was installed in Chengdu Oaks Plaza (Snow tubing) Chengdu SeeMore
12 2013/10/1  JFdryski installed under the cantilevered Great Wall of Jiayuguan Jiayuguan SeeMore
13 2013/10/4  JFdryski was installed in Nanjing Chunhua Racecourse Mountain Scenic Area (Snow tubing) Nanjing SeeMore
14 2014/1/10  JFdryski was installed in the Jinkiao Mountain Dry Ski Resort in Fujian Fujian SeeMore
15 2014/1/30  JFdryski was installed at the Four Seasons Ski Resort in Boulder Mountain, Anhui Anhui SeeMore
16 2014/5/1  JFdryski was installed in Shandong Fulaiqing Tourism Resort Shandong SeeMore
17 2014/6/9  JFdryski was installed in Luzhou Wine City Park (Snow tubing) Luzhou SeeMore
18 2014/7/5  JFdryski was installed at Yinghuafeng Ski Resort in Daweishan, Hunan Hunan SeeMore
19 2014/12/5  JFdryski was installed in the Bavarian Manor (Snow tubing) in Heyuan City, Guangdong Province Guangdong SeeMore
20 2015/2/8  JFdryski was installed in Jining Jinxiang Yangshan Four Seasons Ski Resort Shandong SeeMore
21 2015/5/18  JFdryski is installed in Guiyang Huaxi Yunding Four Seasons Ski Resort Guiyang SeeMore
22 2015/6/1  JFdryski was installed in Beijing Runliu Extreme Park Beijing SeeMore
23 2015/8/23  JFdryski was installed in the Children's Reception Center of Chongli Wanlong Ski Resort Hebei SeeMore
24 2015/9/6  JFdryski was installed in Beixiu Park (Snow tubing) in Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Heilongjiang SeeMore
25 2015/10/1  JFdryski was installed in Huai'an Dragon Palace (Snow tubing) Jiangsu SeeMore
26 2016/6/6  JFdryski was installed in Yingkou Feiyue Extreme Sports Club Yingkou SeeMore
27 2016/9/13  JFdryski was installed in Harerbin Future Extreme Sports Club Harerbin SeeMore
28 2016/11/18  JFdryski was installed in Shenzhen Centuryhui CAT STAR Extreme Skiing Park (Snow tubing) Shenzhen SeeMore
29 2016/12/9  JFdryski was installed in the Shenzhen Wan Snow Club Shenzhen SeeMore
30 2017/5/15  JFdryski is installed in Shanghai Xueku X-CLUB Shanghai SeeMore
31 2017/5/25  JFdryski was installed in the four-season ski resort of the Discovery Kingdom of Guangdong Guangdong SeeMore
32 2017/6/1  JFdryski is installed in Xindu Jianfeng Dry Ski Four Seasons Ski Resort Chengdu SeeMore
33 2017/10/1  JFdryski was installed in the 17 dry ski slope of Beijing Olympic Forest Park Beijing SeeMore
34 2017/10/1  JFdryski was installed at the Four Seasons Ski Resort in Taibai Mountain, Shanxi Shanxi SeeMore
35 2017/12/25  JFdryski was installed on the dry ski slope of Hebei Sports Institute Hebei SeeMore
36 2018/5/1  JFdryski was installed at Haoyu Four Seasons Ski Resort in Sanjiaoshan, Hubei Hubei SeeMore
37 2018/5/1  JFdryski was installed at the Four Seasons Ski Resort in Yunmen Mountain, Qingzhou Shandong SeeMore
38 2018/8/1  JFdryski was installed in Hangzhou Haolewu Amusement Company (Snow tubing) Hangzhou SeeMore
39 2018/9/14  JFdryski was installed in Chengdu Hualulu Four Seasons Ski Resort Chengdu SeeMore
40 2018/11/1  JFdryski was installed on the dry snow slope of Beijing Zhonghao National Fitness Center Beijing SeeMore
41 2018/11/15  JFdryski was installed on the dry ski slope of Shennongjia, Hubei Hubei SeeMore
42 2018/11/15  JFdryski was installed in the Changchun Tian Ning Club Changchun SeeMore
43 2019/1/14  JFdryski was installed in Chengdu Xueleer Ski Training School Chengdu SeeMore
44 2019/3/18  JFdryski was installed on a dry ski slope dedicated to teaching at Yongledian Middle School in Tongzhou, Beijing Beijing SeeMore
45 2019/6/27  JFdryski was installed on the dry ski slope of Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School Shijiazhuang SeeMore
46 2019/7/3  JFdryski was installed at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Dry Ski Slope Obstacle Technique and Jump Training Base Nanjing SeeMore
47 2019/7/31  JFdryski was installed on the Sunac Dry Ski Experience Slope in Dujiangyan, Chengdu Chengdu SeeMore
48 2019/8/24  JFdryski was installed in Changchun Extreme Dry Ski Park Changchun SeeMore
49 2019/10/24  JFdryski was installed at the Yushe Ski Resort in Liupanshui, Guizhou Guizhou SeeMore
50 2019/12/19  JFdryski was installed in Chengdu X-land Bar Chengdu SeeMore
51 2020/6/3  JFdryski was installed in the snow tubing of Zhengzhou Yinji Ice and Snow Castle Hotel Zhengzhou SeeMore
52 2020/6/3  Jfdryski BIG AIR with multiple technological breakthroughs was built in Chengdu
chengdu SeeMore
53 2020/8/27  JFdryski was installed in the Chongqing Jihua Parent-child Trendy Play Sports Center Chongqing SeeMore
54 2020/12/25  JFdryski was installed in the Shanghai snowhero snow club Shanghai SeeMore
55 2021/2/5  JFdryski was installed in Guangyuan Xiaosishan Four Seasons Ski Resort Sichuan SeeMore
56 2021/3/8  JFdryski was installed in Chengdu Tianfu Experimental School Chengdu SeeMore
57 2021/5/20  JFdryski was installed at the Four Seasons Ski Resort in Guantao County, Hebei Province Hebei SeeMore
58 2021/6/3  JFdryski was installed in Xiong'an Country Park, Hebei Hebei SeeMore

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