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  • 0018h6 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
  • 0018h7 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat
0018h6 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat

0018h6 Value for $ 3-layer structure JF DRYSKI Mushroom dry ski mat

  • Product ID:HXT-4#
  • Style No.:0018h6
  • Structure type:3-layer multi-level, metal aluminum base + engineering plastics
  • Shelf time:2016
  • Product description:A style specially designed for the slopes
  • Size:
  • Colour:
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This is a dry ski mat with the best cost performance. It is designed as a dry ski mat installed on slopes only for sliding. By reducing the density of the support poles, it has the same support density as many dry ski mats of the same industry, and the structure of the base is updated to make up for the lost density, which has an advantage in terms of cost. We call it a dry ski mat with a wing base. The design purpose is not to eliminate other styles of dry snow blankets, nor does it mean that the fourth generation of enoki mushroom dry ski mats have been upgraded. But to provide customers with more complete and diverse choices. Especially in terms of investment budget, there are more reasonable and cost-effective products that are welcomed by users.

Main feature

Lubrication has increased:

In addition to having most of the same advantages of the Flammulina dry ski mat, due to the appropriate reduction in density, it reduces the friction on the surface of the dry ski mat, improves the lubrication effect, and increases the sliding speed. This result is very popular with skilled skiers (compared to beginners).

Price advantage:

The reduction in density leads to a reduction in the number of materials, and the price has an advantage over other styles produced by our company. In the design of this model, special consideration is given to the support of the aluminum base, which greatly improves the support effect to avoid the impact of the skis on it. In addition, this style has good carving and edge control effects, which is suitable for enthusiasts to practice. If the dry ski resort prefers to serve professional ski customers, you can choose this one.


Special surface:

The surface of the dry ski slope formed by more than 11,100 round beads (large 7500, small 3600) per square meter plays a role in protecting the safety of gliders. This is the world's original dry ski slope surface structure. We call it "Enoki mushroom" dry ski mat.

Special design:

The design thickness of JF dry ski mat is close to seven centimeters, making it the thickest dry ski mat in the world. The thickness allows the rebound and cushioning of the dry ski mat to gain space so that it can more effectively absorb the impact to protect the skier from injury.

Unique combined structure:

JF Dry ski found that skiing has different characteristics from ice skating and water skiing. The "Snow" for skiing has more than three layers of structure, a solid foundation and an adhesive layer in the middle, as well as soft, moist snow on the surface. Provides the physical conditions for sliding, cutting edge, and emergency stop for Snowboard and Skis. The dry ski mat of Flammulina velutipes has also been designed with the same structure to become a dry ski mat with a unique hierarchical structure, which is one of the most snow-proof features of the dry ski mat of Flammulina velutipes. In addition, the dry ski mat of Flammulina velutipes has also achieved incredible satisfactory results in terms of sound, cushioning, weather resistance and installation structure. In addition, the dry snow mat using a single plastic material is difficult to adapt to open-air climate changes, which leads to overall deformation of the dry snow and unevenness. The JF Dry ski mat base is made of anti-corrosion-treated alloy aluminum and is installed in a pull-in type. It will not deform under the action of long-term climate changes, and is firm, reliable and durable.

Grip characteristics:

The three-level layered structure of Flammulina velutipes dry ski mat matches the physical support of different spaces and functions for skiing, cutting blades, turning, and emergency stops, so that the skiing experience is more real, and the skis are sliding. Easier to control, more stable, and stronger grip.

Moisture resistance characteristics :

Non-organic and non-absorbent metal base and good air permeability of the internal space keep the dry ski mat in a dry state for a long time. Make it less prone to mildew, discoloration, loss of elasticity and growth of moss.

Density characteristics

High-density, seamless, full-paved structure, close to 90% of real snow simulation, which is beneficial to the protection of skiers. The surface design of the dry ski mat with gaps causes major damage to the fingers and joints, and the growth of herbaceous plants damages the overall appearance of the ski field and affects the sliding effect.

Sound characteristics

In dry skiing in the world, the sound of JF dry ski is very close to real snow. The highly simulated JF dry ski mat sounds like ice and snow friction during skiing, turning and braking. This sound can produce a sense of interaction between people and snow, which is conducive to the practice of technical movements. It can also reduce the accident rate, because the sound produced by the high-speed dive can remind people skiing ahead to instinctively dodge, thereby avoiding collision accidents.

Comprehensive description

1 Place of Origin: Chengdu china
2 Brand Name: JF dry ski
3 Product name: Needle mushroom ski mat(Enoki mushroom, Flammulina velutipes)
4 Structural features: Three-layer type with metal aluminum base
5 Shape type: Golden needle mushroom
6 Imitating snow effect: The simulator presses snow
7 Slope angle: Suitable for all ski slopes (Recommended for the all zones of ski slopes)
8 Sample offer: Yes, free global express (except China)
9 Application areas: Winter Olympic competition ski project summer training facilities, new dry ski resort, old dry ski resort renovation, real ski resort, summer ski sports facilities, club gymnasium, school sports ski facilities, home use, snowboard park, BIG AIR
10 Product Certification: CE ETL
11 Installation manual: Download link: http://mushroomdryski.com/down/class/?1.html

Basic parameters

1 Model: HXT-4#
2 style: 
3 Material: Metal aluminum base + engineering plastics
4 Mushroom head (ball) density: 11100 (large 7500/small 3600)
5 Auxiliary lubrication method: Water mist (outdoor), hard paraffin, increase the installation angle Average angle of outdoor installation: beginner (12 degrees) / intermediate (15 degrees) / advanced (20 degrees)
6 Average angle of outdoor installation:
Beginner (12 degrees)/Intermediate (15 degrees)/Advanced (20 degrees)
7 Average angle of indoor installation : Beginner (15 degrees)/intermediate (18 degrees)/advanced (22 degrees)
8 Maximum installation angle of BIG AIR: 45 degrees
9 Basic unit area (cm): 50cm*10cm/40cm*10cm/20cm*10cm/40cm*40cm/40cm*20cm/50cm*50cm/50cm*25cm
10 Sales installation module size: 50cm*50cm
11 Product height: 7cm (buffer telescopic space)
12 Temperature tolerance range: -40°C to 100°C
13 Operating temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
14 Weight: 18Kg/square meter
15 Service life: More than 8 years
16 Natural snow cover: Can be covered (it is the best cover material to be out of service in the snowy season)
17 Minimum order quantity: One pallet (36 square meters)
18 Installation period: 1000 square meters/10 people/5 days
19 Fire retardant: N/A (Focus on style: 1518h6fh fire retardant or customized)
20 Operating sound: 80 decibels (within 100 meters)
21 Fixing tool: Hexagon head stainless steel self-tapping screw/stainless steel self-tapping screw/plastic expansion screw
22 Color options: white/blue/green/red/grey (customized according to the color palette)
23 Base material: Metal corrugated board (>1.2mm thick)/plastic board/concrete/cement floor/wood board/particle board/tar asphalt/turf (only 1218h6uk style)/rammed plain soil (only 1218h6uk style)
24 Sales unit: Square meters
25 Installation method: Horizontal slot connection (not easy to separate and deform) / staggered longitudinal seams
26 Installation direction: From top to bottom
27 Transport packaging: Pallet (more than 36 square meters)/carton (less than 36 square meters)

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