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Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School (石家庄外国语学校)

Project Name: Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School

Address: No.316 Yucai St, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.

Finish Date: June 2019

Total Ski Area: 589.21㎡ (2 slopes)


The dry ski slopes were built up on the rooftop of the dormitory building in Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School. Since the slopes were finished in 2019, the ski and snowboard courses have been taking place here.

"Now it turns out that kids have really benefited a lot from the ski courses," said an interviewed parent. "My daughter is very interested. Not only can she ski by herself, but she also asked us to take her to the ski resort and also wants to be our coach."

In addition, Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School launched a school ski team, so hardworking and talented students can attend intense training here and participate in related events and contests.

We are looking forward to seeing more ski and snowboard talents in the near future.


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