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JFdryski user Dryslope of Han and Tang Dynasties Guantao County Hebei China

JFdryski user Dryslope of Han and Tang Dynasties Guantao County Hebei China

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Drief introdction

The dry skiing project is the main project of the Han-Tang Fengyun Ice-Snow Cultural Tourism Complex Project in Guantao County, and construction will start in March 2021. It is understood that the project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, covers an area of about 300 acres, and has a total construction area of 400,000 square meters. It is invested and constructed by Hantang Fengyun (Hebei) Real Estate Co., Ltd. Mainly construct dry skiing practice slopes, comprehensive service centers, physical training and wellness centers, and auxiliary facilities such as antique commercial streets, food courts, and hot spring hotels. The project as a whole is dominated by JF dryski's four-season skiing technology, using the most cutting-edge dry skiing material technology, and has a variety of professional ice and snow sports venues such as high mountain downhill, U-groove rotation, and ice and snow experience. Combining the Han and Tang culture of Guantao history, introduce Xi’an characteristic gourmet food court, and build a sports town shopping section to create a characteristic ice and snow experience center integrating sports, shopping, entertainment, catering and accommodation, and strive to create a leisure culture in the eastern part of Handan City New landmark.

project name: of Han and Tang Dynasties Guantao County Hebei China

Project Features: A comprehensive dry ski slope with a steel base

Completion date: the second half of 2021

Image: Dry ski pad slope under construction

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