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Description of Xindu JF dry ski Four Seasons Ski Resort

Full Function  becoming a training platform for various groups is the future development direction of dry ski resorts

Description of Xindu JF dry ski Four Seasons Ski Resort

Xindu JF dry ski Four Seasons Ski Resort is located in Chengdu's Xindu Sports Park, and the dry slope is built in early 2017, which is the largest dry slope in Southwest China invested by JF dry ski. The slope foundation is built with a durable galvanized wheel buckle scaffold; The Ski Resort rises from the flat ground and is structured into a pyramid. All skiing materials are used for gold mushroom Dry Ski Mat (fourth generation), and is equipped with the safest special protective equipment. The dry slope construction area is about 20,000 square meters, and the slopes are about 16,000 square meters. The highest point is 27 meters; the longest slope is 178 meters.

The unique structure of dry ski slope scientifically divides the skiing crowd into three areas: Ordinary skiers, Audiophiles and professional skiers. From the technical perspective, it is divided into limit skiing zones and free-skiing zones. The number of slopes is diverse, the function is complete, and the most distinctive manner is included in the entry level riding track (A safest tool for beginners learn to control speed), Snowboard park, intermediate air bag, BIG AIR, Mogul slope, enthusiasts favorite Highway slope(tattoo slope), etc.

The operation management of the field uses the scientific management model of the JF dry ski, with the latest dry ski protective equipment and the dry ski management concept, to ensure that beginner skiers learn to ski in absolute safety.

Slope summary

1. Riding slopes 2;

2. Snowboard park;

3. Primary slope;

4. Intermediate slope (L-type intermediate slope);

5. High-level slope (tattoo slope);

6. Snowboard slope;

7. Mogul;

8. Intermediate Air bag slope;

9. BIG AIR (Built in 2020)


1.   Magic carpets 9;

2.   Air bag 2;

3.   Trampoline;

4.   Snowboarding props

Service Facilities:

1. Snack restaurant;

2. Free parking;

3. Gym;
4. Free children's playground;

5. Ski gear shop;

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Xindu JF dry ski Four Seasons Ski Resort
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