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Ya Park in Taiwan (台湾Ya Park)

Project Name: Ya Park

Address: Taiwan

Finish Date: July 2020.

Total Ski Area: 70㎡ (1 slope)


In May 2020, we received an order of 70㎡ dry ski mats from our client in Taiwan. This airbag slope is located on hilly terrain. The slope was finished in July, and the whole construction and installation were all managed and completed by our client and his friends, a group of skiers who hold this dream of making their own ski slope. In order to finish this slope soon, they came here when off from work and worked on the slope every weekend for months. Finally, this airbag slope was completed perfectly after all the efforts.

We trurly admire their passion for snowsports. We hope in the future, we could use our expertise to assist our clients to build their own slopes.

Relevant Video: Link

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