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Yamazen Aichi Quest in Japen

Project Name: Yamazen Aichi Quest

Address: 232-1 Utsutsucho, Kasugai, Aichi 480-0301, Japan.

Finish Date: August 2015

Total Ski Area: 150㎡ (4 slopes)


At Yamazen Aichi Quest training center, you will find 4 dry ski slopes and a unique U-shape track, not at other Quest training centers. With fully equipped facilities, you can always challenge yourself for something bigger and safely push your limits.

As for safety, you can always trust our dry ski mats with the smooth and soft surface. At the first, when we were developing our products, we committed to bringing the safest and best-performed dry ski mats to hundreds and thousands of skiers.

Video: https://youtu.be/efKaRxOYR5s

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