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Saitama Quest in Japan

Project Name: Saitama Quest

Address: 1180-1 Furusato, Ranzan, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0201, Japan.

Finish Date: 2015

Total Ski Area: 660㎡ (5 slopes)


In the Saitama Quest training center, there are six tracks, and five of the six tracks are paved by JF Dryski mats. The tracks are kickers in different heights and lengths aiming for different levels of skiers and snowboarders. All the slopes were put into use in July 2015.

Even though this training center usually gets very crowded especially from summer to fall, skiers still love to visit here for the wonderful facilities. Nothing makes us more satisfied than hearing good comments and feedback from our client and their customers, which also inspires us to keep perfecting our dry ski mats.

Video: Link

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