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A new facility has just been constructed

In the Four Seasons Ski Resort of Chengdu Jianfeng Dry Ski Resort, a new facility has just been constructed. Let me tell you a few highlights: 

1. This is a 10-meter BIG AIR next to the 14-meter BIG AIR, with a height of 28 meters. It  be opened for business on the 1st of the month. The two big slopes of 14 meters and 10 meters face each other, and reflect each other.
2. The dry ski field now has 6-meter, 10-meter and 14-meter BIG AIRs, and the third gear of the air bag is promoted to the training conditions.
3. The supporting equipment is quite complete. There is no need to climb stairs to return to the top of the platform. All of them are dedicated to large-angle magic carpets.
4. All the Air bags of the diving platform are equipped with the original straw-type air bag of JF Dry ski, which is safe to land and has no rebound (reduces the secondary damage caused by the rebound of the air bag).
5. The landing effect is close to real snow, and you can continue to slide down under the correct landing posture, which is conducive to landing practice.
6. The BIG AIR is open to the public from 8:00 am to 22:00 pm. Can host professional teams from all over the world for summer anti-snow season training.

In addition, the dry ski resort is divided into public areas and professional areas. After the epidemic is over in the future, The individuals, clubs, national teams and ski associations from all over the world are welcome to come to check in and customize training plans. 

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