Outside of China

Silver Star Freestyle, in Canada

Project Name: Silver Star Freestyle

Address: Silver Star Mountain, BC V1B 3M1, Canada.

Finish Date: June 26, 2023

Total Ski Area: 240 sqm


By the end of June 2023, this new airbag jump built by Silver Star Freestyle has been put into use. This 29-degree, 90m-long, and 4m-wide airbag jump located at Silver Star Mountain is designed for professional training in the off-season, which also plays a very important role in ensuring athletes have developed advanced freestyle skills before taking to the natural ground. Meanwhile, a smaller airbag jump next to the current one is still underway. The skiing area of this ongoing ramp would be about 90 sqm.

We take pride in knowing that our surfacing will be assisting more freestyle skiers and snowboarders with their training in a safe and efficient way, and for us it's a great honor to collaborate with Silver Star Freestyle.

Official Website: https://ssfreestyle.com/our-club/


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