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Killington Mountain School, in the U.S.A

Project Name: Killington Mountain School

Address: 2708 Killington Rd, Killington, VT 05751, United States

Finish Date: September 29, 2023

Total Ski Area: 159.02㎡


This is a resurfacing project as the slopes were using the surface from another supplier previously. This bigger slope was resurfaced after KMS received the funds from the Killington World Cup Foundation. The newly resurfaced slope is about 37.5m long and 4.2m wide, with the kicker being wider at 4.4m.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Killington Mountain School to provide their student-athletes with a more realistic snow-like training surface and enhance the quality of their aerial training. Additionally, this project aims to increase youth participation in winter sports. Our hope is that this facility will help more young skier and snowboarders achieve their full potential.


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