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SNOWG Ski Center(陕西雪境滑雪中心)

Project Name: SNOWG Ski Center(雪境滑雪中心)

Address: 4F Heshenghui, South Door, Beilin District, Xi'an City, Shanxi Province. (陕西省西安市碑林区南门合生汇4F)

Finish Date: November 18, 2023

Total Ski Area: 276㎡ (2 slopes)


SNOWG Ski Center, located near one of the most well-known historical attractions in Xi'an, The Bell Tower of Xi'an, is the first indoor dry ski center in the area. The center officially opened its doors on November 18th, attracting hundreds of customers to its opening ceremony.

The center is equipped with two dry ski slopes, one 6.5m x 28m beginner slope, and one 5m x 27.5m airbag slope, along with two ski simulators and one trampoline, making it an ideal destination for entertainment and ski instruction.

Additionally, there is an indoor ski center nearby that covers man-made snow. These centers complement each other, providing year-round skiing and snowboarding experiences. SNOWG Ski Center offers safe and stable ramps for beginners to practice basic techniques and aerial skills.

It is important to note that the existence of dry ski slopes is not meant to replace real ski slopes, but rather to complement them. Dry ski slopes provide skiers and riders with controlled and secure conditions to practice new techniques and develop basic skills. This helps to reduce accident and injury rates.


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