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Snowow Ski Training Institute(叹雪滑雪体能培训中心)

Project Name: Snowow Ski Training Institute(叹雪滑雪体能培训中心)

Address: Building 9, Area A, Tanxue Sports Bottom Business Zone, Fuli City A District, Chaoyang District, Beijing. (北京市朝阳富力城A区叹雪运动底商A区9号楼)

Finish Date: September 18, 2023

Total Ski Area: 15㎡ (3m*5m)


The Snowow Ski Training Institute was established in 2022. They introduced a ski simulator and built a small beginner slope, which was 3m wide and 5m long, using dry ski mats from another supplier. However, after a year of usage, our client decided to resurface the beginner ski slope due to excessive wear and tear.

We have been through this situation quite frequently, where some clients opt for cheaper dry ski mats that resemble our Needle Mushroom Dry Ski Mats. However, these cheaper mats do not match the quality of ours and have a significantly shorter service life of only about a year. Consequently, they require resurfacing more frequently, which leads to increased costs and time consumption. On the other hand, our dry ski mats offer longer service life and a more realistic skiing experience. They can provide uninterrupted services for at least 10 years when used indoors, enabling our clients to save a considerable amount of money on maintenance and resurfacing costs.


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