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Luzhou Happy Carnival Dry Ski Resort (泸州欢乐嘉年华旱雪场)

Project Name: Luzhou Happy Carnival Dry Ski Resort

Address: Chunyu Rd 3 Section, Longmatan District, Luzhou, Sichuan Province, China.

Finish Date: January 2022

Total Ski Area: 530㎡


In January 2022, the pavement of the dry ski mats was finished. This dry ski resort is the first ski resort in Luzhou, and it has 530㎡ total ski areas. When it was opened for the first day, many people and the media are attracted to be here. Everyone was so excited and motivated to experience this new ski surface. Now this place has become a popular learning and entertainment base with various other activities.

Since the slope was set up, a number of people have learned basic skiing skills, and we wish in the future more people will get to know the fascinating of snow sports and enjoy snow sports.


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