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Chengdu Tianfu Experimental School (成都市天府实验学校)

Project Name: Chengdu Tianfu Experimental School

Address: 1717 Tianfusi St, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 610213.

Finish Date: June 2021

Total Ski Area: 16.6㎡


In March 2021, we cooperated with Chengdu Tianfu Experimental School to bring the dry ski slope into the campus. All though it's just a short ski slope, for us, we are so glad that more students are able to take their skiing classes at school. We believe this will motivate more kids to participate in skiing and snowboarding, which is a fundamental and meaningful step to nurturing the winter sports culture in Chengdu where most residents don't ski.

We appreciate our partner who trusts our expertise and our product. From the perspective of schools, ensuring the safety of students is always their priority. Likewise, have committed to making the safest and with the best performance dry ski mats for a decade. 

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