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COLORSNOW Ski Trampoline Base(顽雪滑雪蹦床基地)

Project Name: COLORSNOW Ski Trampoline Base

Address: Vanke Xinghuo Online, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.

Finish Date: July 2020

Total Ski Area: 216㎡ (1 slope)


COLORSNOW Ski Trampoline Base is a ski training base integrated trampoline, ski simulator, dry ski slope, and other recreation facilities to create a high-quality skiing practice base for ski enthusiasts in southern China.

This JF DRY SKI slope is 50m long, and it has been used for ski instruction and practice. Compared with real snow surfaces, our dry ski slope is more suitable for complete beginners who are afraid of falling over because our dry ski slope surface is softer, which absorbs a certain amount of impact force and rebounds to protect skiers from getting serious injuries.

Until now, our dry ski slopes have been helping countless beginners overcome the fear and start the journey of learning how to ski and snowboard.


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