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Midea Egret Lake Dry Ski Resort(佛山美的鹭湖旱雪小镇)

Project Name: Midea Egret Lake Dry Ski Resort

Address: No.218 Gaoming Ave, Gaoming District, Foshan, China.

Finish Date: 2017

Total Ski Area: 9500㎡ (6 slopes)


Midea Egret Lake Dry Ski Resort is the biggest dry ski resort in Guangdong divided into a skiing area and a tubing area. The skiing area is 9500㎡. There are 6 slopes in total, the longest one is 168m, and the steepest one reached 25°. The 4 skiing slopes are respectively for beginners, Intermediate skiers, and advanced skiers. The 2 tubing slopes are safe, exciting, and have no technical requirements, which are open to all ages of visitors.

Here in this snowless city in southern China, the advantage of skiing on dry ski slopes is you can just wear casual clothes, skis, and protective gears, then you can enjoy the pleasure of skiing as long as you want.


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