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Obuse Quest in Japan

Project Name: Obuse Quest

Address: 1146-1 Kanta, Obuse Town, Kamitakai District, Nagano Prefecture.

Finish Date: April 2015

Total Ski Area: 303㎡ (4 slopes)


Obuse Quest is our first project in Japan. Quest Group is the second-largest dry ski training institution in Japan. We truly appreciate the trust our client put in us. Since 2015, we have remained very close business relationships. Except for one of their natural snow ski resort, all 5 of their dry ski centers are equipped with our dry ski mats.

This project was completed in April 2015. There are 4 slopes installed with our 3rd generation of dry ski mats. Now, we already have our upgraded 4th generation of Needle Mushroom Dry Ski Mats. The four slopes include a Jib ski run, a small kicker, an intermediate kicker, and a big kicker.

Since 2015 the dry ski slopes have been in operation, the dry ski slopes are used frequently for ski and snowboard instruction and practice.

This project was a significant step forward for us to open the Japanese market and cooperate with more ski training institutions.

Video: https://youtu.be/ZT51_iMNQqU

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