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Luzhou Wine City Amusement Park (泸州酒城乐园)

Project Name: Luzhou Wine City Amusement Park

Address: 115 Chunjingxia Rd, Jiangyang District, Luzhou, Sichuan, China

Finish Date: August 2014

Total Ski Area: 178.8㎡ (1 slope)


Luzhou Wine City Amusement Park is a large-scale amusement park where you will find all kinds of entertainment facilities. Related to snow sports, this tubing slope is the only facility here. Since it was put into use in August 2014, the tubing slope has been warmly sought after by visitors.

No matter for kids or adults, tubing slope has always been a great choice to enjoy speeds and relax, additionally, our dry ski mats provide a high level of safety assurance. The surface consists of hundreds and thousands of small and smooth spherical beads. Even when the worst scenerio happens, like players falling out of the tubes, they will not get scratched or have serious injuries.


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