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S.H.O.W Ski Center (S.H.O.W 滑雪场)

Project Name: S.N.O.W Ski Center

Address: No.719 Zhenchen Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China. (上海市宝山区真陈路719号)

Finish Date: December 9, 2022

Total Ski Area: 615㎡ ( 2 slopes)


S.H.O.W Ski Center, an indoor ski resort, just had its grand opening on January 3rd, 2023. There are two dry ski slopes: an 8m*39m airbag slope with a 20° slope angle and a 10.5m*43.5m beginner's skiing slope with a 14° slope angle. As for the airbag slope, we designed two different heights of platforms for experienced riders to choose from and the highest platform is about 7.1m in height.

So far, this is our second time cooperating with S.H.O.W Ski Center; they recently relocated from their previous location in Shanghai to this new site with more space. We redesigned the slopes for them according to their new site. The majority of the dry ski mats are the old ones from their previous site, which have been in use for more than a year but still in excellent condition. S.H.O.W Ski Center is still the only place to ski and snowboard in Shanghai. As we know, they have had a steady clientele since 2020 their first indoor ski center was put into use.



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